NCSR Beats them all at EuroNanoForum Poster Call

A poster by Larisa Florea was shortlisted for the prize at the recent EuroNanoForum 2013 (ENF) held in Dublin from 18th – 20th June.

Larisa’s poster Multi-purpose capillary-integrated optical sensors based on spiropyran‘ made the final 16 out of 330 poster abstracts submitted. This was a phenominal achievement as the call was the most competitive so far in an ENF. Another of Larisa’s posters, ‘Crystal Moths, Exploding Capsules, Micro-Vehicles and Hairy Capillaries: Using Self-Assembly to Generate Functional Platforms‘ was used as part of a workshop on the final day of the conference. The workshop, ‘Directed Self-Assembly of Materials for Devices’, was organised by CRANN and Intel.

The winning poster was ‘Multi-Walled Nanofiber reinforced self-healing, smart composite material production‘, by Dr Burcu Saner Okan from Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey.

For more information on the poster exhibition please click here.