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Leading the Drive for Excellence in Sensor Technology Development for the Benefit of Society and Ireland's Economy

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National Centre for Sensor Research
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Research Themes

Analytical Systems

Miniaturisation and integration of analytical systems for applications including environmental monitoring, point-of-care diagnostics and bioprocess monitoring is a significant research theme.

Biodesigned/bioinspired materials and systems

The design of bio-inspired materials, sensor interfaces and even whole systems requires a deep understanding of the interplay between morphology, microstructure, and composition of stimuli-responsive materials as well as their sensing functionality.

Personalized Health

Innovations in materials and instrumentation are enabling the radical redesign of the  biosensor for health measurements to be collected and analysed in decentralized settings, outside of a clinical laboratory, often autonomously by on-body deployments by the individual themselves.


Bacterial colonization of surfaces and interfaces has a major impact on various areas including biotechnology, medicine, food industries, and water technologies.

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