Health & Safety

Important Health & Safety Information for new NCSR staff / postgraduates

As part of the induction process for new staff members / postgraduates who will be working within the NCSR, the relevant managers / supervisors / Principal Investigators are asked to ensure that their new group members read and understand the following H&S guidlines:

Please bear in mind that the information given here is designed to be personally presented to groups of individuals, however, until such time that this training resource becomes available, these presentation documents should be made readily available to all new staff / postgraduates. All new staff / post-graduates commencing work in the NCSR will be expected to have read these presentation documents within the first month of joining the NCSR.

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the most recent NCSR Safety Statement.

Health & Safety is a top priority within the NCSR, and in order to ensure that Health & Safety standards are adhered to, each laboratory has appointed a Laboratory Representative/manager to oversee H&S issues in their lab(s). Each laboratory (or research group which is responsible for maintaining more than one laboratory), has also appointed a Deputy Representative who will act as point of contact in the absence of the Laboratory Representative.