Robbie Sinnott


Robbie Sinnott is the manager of the Centrally Managed Research Infrastructure (CMRI) initiative which is a programme to enable access to core facilities and the large array of state of the art research equipment in DCU. Robbie manages a team of technical specialists who provide training, technical expertise, equipment setups/maintenance/upgrades and the capacity to run job orders for all our academic, industry, national and international users. He is also manager to the head of the Biological Resource Unit, the stores attendant for the research warehouse and an administrator who somehow manages to keep everything in order. He works closely with many other core facility managers nationally and in Europe on issues such as best practices in core facility management, financial sustainability models, and obsolete equipment replacement funding opportunities.With qualifications in Electronics and Information Technology, Robbie worked for 18 years in Industry in Engineering and Operations roles before joining DCU in 2008. He was the Operations Manager for BDI (Biomedical Diagnostics Institute and the Centre Manager for NCSR (National Centre for Sensor Research before taking up his current role in the CMRI.

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