Sample Measurement and Analysis

PranalyticaNephroluxAmmonia Breath Analyser. Detection of ppb levels of ammonia in human breath
BiacoreBiacore 3000 Surface plasmon resonance based biomolecular interaction analysis. The Biacore 3000 provides an eloquent means of measuring the binding interactions of molecules in real time. This model offers a comprehensive characterisation of binding events with analysis of up to 192 samples per run automatically. Furthermore quantitative kinetic analysis (rate constants), quantitative determination of affinity constants, determination of binding specificity, thermodynamic measurement and epitope mapping can be easily conducted using the Biacore 3000 system.
Affymetrix417 arrayerGenetic Micro Systems GMS 417 Arrayer
ThermoPX2Thermo PX2 Thermocycler
Applied BioSystems9902Applied BioSystems “Veriti” 96-well Thermal Cycler