NCSR Resources

Intellectual Resources

Sensor research is multidisciplinary in nature, requiring expertise across a broad range of fundamental and applied sciences e.g. biotechnology, chemistry, materials science, physics and engineering. This multi-disciplinary aspect is reflected in the composition of the NCSR research team, which includes biologists, chemists, physicists and engineers. The NCSR currently supports 22 Principal Investigators, over 90 Senior Researchers and over 120 post-graduate researchers, supported by an administration team of 16, including Large Scale Research Initiative personnel.

Physical Resources

Located at the main entrance of Dublin City University, the NCSR is based in ca. 3,200 sq meter custom-designed buildings with clean-rooms, synthetic and biohazard facilities, application-specific project laboratories and support units. Within this infrastructure, NCSR maintains significant high end instrumentation that facilitates a multidisciplinary approach to sensor development and commercialisation. Equipment themes include surface characterisation, microfabrication, biological characterisation, analytical characterisation, photonics and electrochemistry.