Centre Funding Call: David Kinahan

Earlier this year in May, the NCSR in conjunction with other Research Centres in DCU launched the Centre Funding Call, to enhance the funding under the RIS Research Initiatives Fund launched by DCU’s RIS for Centre PI academics. The purpose of this call was to foster new internal collaborations to build Research Capacities within the centres who partook.

David Kinahan from the NCSR was successful in receiving funding through the call and he will collaborate with Dr Linda Holland in School of Biotechnology. The title of David’s project is ‘PCR on a Lab-on-a-Disc’. The project will address the challenges associated with implementing PCR amplification, the gold-standard method for molecular diagnostics, on a low-cost and low-powered portable instrument. The intended output from the project is to demonstrate PCR amplification on this low-cost instrument and leverage the outcomes to support applications for future funding.