Grant Request Success

Prof Dermot Diamond and his team under the Commonsense FP-7 project (Grant agreement no: 614155) have been successful in securing a Quadro K5200 graphics card from NVidia under the Academic Hardware Grant Request  ( for their research.

Dermot said “within our research group we strive to tackle such problems. One main focus of our research is to merge the digital world with the molecular world. To do this we rely heavily on our ability to produce very high quality rendered images from CAD (computer aided design) packages to illustrate our latest system designs to our research partners. These systems are low-cost autonomous sensors designed for in-situ environmental monitoring, providing access to previously unobtainable data by increasing the temporal and spatial resolution issues associated with expensive probe type spot measurements [1,2]. By sending the recorded data to the cloud we can provide unprecedented access to real time data over wide-scale deployment sites. We can detect and record the concentration of nutrients leading to eutrophication in marine and fresh waters, track gas concentrations in air samples, along with temperature and pressure measurements.

This award will significantly reduce the computational time by 70% (currently takes 270 min for a full render including lighting, liquids and transparencies) and will result in a greater number of high quality rendered images and videos produced in a much shorter time frame.

We would like to thank the nVidia team for their support in this research.”


L-R Dr. Margaret McCaul, Mr. Eoghan McNamara, Prof. Dermot Diamond









[1] Deirdre CoganJohn ClearyThomas Phelan, Eoghan McNamara, Mark BowkettDermot Diamond (2013), “Integrated flow analysis platform for the direct detection of nitrate in water using a simplified chromotropic acid method”.  Anal. Methods, 2013,5, 4798-4804

[2] M. Czugala, D. Maher, F. Collins, R. Burger, F. Hopfgartner, Y. Yang, J. Zhaou, J. Ducree, A. Smeaton, K. Fraser, F. Benito-Lopez and D. Diamond, RSC Advances, 201 “CMAS: fully integrated portable Centrifugal Microfluidic Analysis System for on-site colorimetric analysis” 3, 3, 15928 – 15938.