Researchers Attend Symposium in Brazil

Prof. Dermot Diamond and Dr. Larisa Florea participated to SBPMat 2014’ XIII meeting of the Brazilian Materials Research Society organized in Joao Pessoa, Brazil, 28th September to 2nd October 2 2014. This is a showcase meeting for materials science research in Brazil and in South America.  The numbers attending are rising annually and this year surpassed 2,000. After the meeting, Prof. Dermot Diamond concluded: “This was a great opportunity to present aspects of Materials Science research from my group and to present Ireland as a good place for establishing global contacts for Brazilian researchers, e.g. via the Science without Borders programme.  At the conference, Prof. Olivera (USP) confirmed his commitment to attend the RBI symposium at DCU in February 2015, along with very positive discussions with a strong materials science research team at UFSC (Florianopolis) led by Prof. Ivan Bechtold, which could be further developed into collaborative research engagements. Follow ups will be linked to the Ireland Brazil symposium to be hosted by DCU in February 2015; There is also significant potential to build contacts with materials science researchers from Florianopolis such as Prof. Dr. Ivan H. Bechtold (Physics Department – UFSC).”

Prof Dermot Diamond and Dr. Larisa Florea had contributions to symposium Organic Electronics and hybrids: materials and devices, as follows:

  1. ‘New Concepts in Chemical Sensing based on Stimuli-Responsive Materials’, Dermot Diamond, Invited Keynote Lecture.
  2. ‘Photo-responsive polymers based on spiropyran as sensors and actuators’, L. Florea, A. Dunne, H. Straub, S. MacArdle, Diamond, poster paper.

Brazil 2014