ASG members attend 6th Forum on New Materials – CIMTEC 2014, Montecatini, Italy

PhD students Aishling Dunne, Jennifer Deignan and Wayne Francis, Dr. Larisa Florea and Prof. Dermot Diamond participated in June 2014 at the 6th Forum on New Materials – CIMTEC 2014 held in Montecatini, Italy. This biannual conference is well recognized in the area of materials science and wearable sensors. The NCSR representatives had several contributions to two different symposia: 
Smart Polymers for Biomedical Applications and Wearable and Implantable Sensors and Body Sensor Networks, as follows:

  • “Photo-responsive soft actuators based on spiropyran functionalised hydrogels”, Aishling Dunne, Larisa Florea* and Dermot Diamond (poster presentation).
  •  2.“Stimulicontrolled movement of droplets and polymeric vehicles”, Wayne Francis, Larisa Florea* and Dermot Diamond (poster presentation).
  • “Wearable Chemical Sensing – Sensor Design and Sampling Techniques for Real-time Sweat Analysis”, J.A. Deignan, S. Coyle, G. Matzeu, C. O’Quigley, C. Zuliani, D. Diamond*
  • “Reversible photochromic polynorbornenes bearing spiropyran side groups for layer-by-layer coatings”, Larisa Florea, Cara Moloney, David Nixon, Simon Moulton, Gordon W. Wallace, Fernando Benito-Lopez and Dermot Diamond* (oral presentation).
  • 5. “On-Body Chem/Bio-Sensing – Opportunities and Challenges”, Dermot Diamond (invited talk).

italy photo