NCSR continues its membership of the OE-A

The OE-A is the international key association for organic and printed electronics and is a major networking organization for organic electronics where DCU can interact with companies and research institutes active in this emerging technology arena to network, help roadmap and help build the bridge between science and end applications. Members (> 200 member companies and research institutes) represent the entire value chain of this emerging industry and include experts working in the areas of functional materials, patterning processes and surface science as well as looking at applications of organic electronics.

Benefits of OE-A membership to NCSR and DCUMembership provides many specific opportunities to NCSR including:

  • Learn about the commercial state of play across Europe in the field of organic electronics
  • Interact and network with industrial and research institutes/universities that are active in the field of organic electronics with the aim to foster research collaborations.
  • Identify and network with partners for Horizon 2020 grant proposals that will exploit organic electronics.
  • The OE-A interacts with national and European funding authorities and works with them to define future funding programs for R&D. Therefore, engaging with the OE-A so that the NCSR is aware of OE-A priorities will be useful in terms of success in Horizon 2020 programmes relating to this area.
  • Opportunity to become part of  a number of working groups that focus on applications and technologies to help create a roadmap for organic electronics
  • The promotion of the NCSR through their newsletter, demonstrator platform opportunities, opportunities to present/pitch at their meetings.

All members of the NCSR can attend an OE-A meeting(s) and would be encouraged to do so.

A great example of how membership of the OE-A works to promote related work is with the FP7 project, SIMS, which has just completed. This project is based on developing printed electronics for sensing. Last year SIMS was awarded OE-A “Best Publicly Funded project demonstrator” at LOPE-C 2013, an international conference showcasing the state-of-the-art in printed electronics.

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