Safeguarding Our Water – June 2013

Intel Ireland recently hosted a one-day summit on the future of water. The event took place on the 10th June 2013 at the Science Gallery in Dublin and was organised by Leonard Hobbs (Head of new business and research at Intel Ireland).

The summit was focused on the future of water and the opportunities for applying technology to the area, agriculture & smart farming (Model, Monitor, Manage), ICT for preventing water damage and ICT to understand/map hydrological sources and supply systems.

The day’s activities featured talks and presentations from global experts such as Lorie Wigle (general manager of Intel’s Eco-Technology office), Prof John Sweeney (NUI Maynooth, Climatologist) and Prof Dermot Diamond (DCU, principal investigator with CLARITY and Director of the NCSR)

Lorie Wigle spoke about the application of Moore’s Law to the Water Industry, Prof Sweeny discussed water as the emerging critical environmental issue of the 21st century and Prof Diamond’s talk was based on the use of water sensing technologies and the opportunity to create new industries around water in Ireland.

All speaker presentations are available online.

Further information on the Intel Water Summit can be found at