New Publication for Clarity – July 2013

New Publication for Clarity – July 2013

‘Fully integrated portable wireless centrifugal micro-fluidic analysis system for colorimetric detection’, has been accepted for publication in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal RSC Advances. The authors are Monika Czugala, Damian Maher, Fiachra Collins, Fernando Benito-Lopez, Frank Hopfgartner, Yang Yang, Jiang Zhaou, Alan Smeaton, Kevin J. Fraser and Dermot Diamond.

The paper is a collaboration within Clarity, spanning across various disciplines including materials engineering, electrical engineering / prototyping and software engineering (Prof Alan Smeaton).

The Centrifugal Microfluidic Analysis System (CMAS) incorporates an easily reconfigurable detector board, which allows a wide range of centrifugal microfluidic layouts to be implemented. The stand-alone capabilities of the system, combined with the portability and wireless communication through a dedicated Android App on a 7″ Tablet, provides the flexibility crucial for on-site water monitoring.

The paper can be found at:


Monika Czugala demonstrating on-site water monitoring with the CMAS