Monika Presents at Transducers, Barcelona, Spain – June 2013

NCSR and INSIGHT researcher Monika Czugala presented at the 17th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems (Transducers). The conference was held from 16th-20th June, 2013, in Barcelona, Spain.

Transducers is considered as one of the most prestigious conferences in the MEMS community –this year’s acceptance rate for oral presentations was just 15%. Monika’s presentation entitled “Photo-patterning of ionogel microstructures for on-chip microvalve applications controlled by fiber optics” was one of the few accepted presentations.

Transducers 2013 continued a series of Conferences that are the premier forum for reporting research results in microsensors, microactuators and microsystems. More information about this international conference can be found at at the Transducers website.


Monika Czugala at the Transducers Conference, Barclona, Spain.