NCSR at COIL 5 – April 2013

Members of the Adaptive Sensors Group attended the fifth Congress on Ionic Liquids in Portugal from the 21st -25th April 2013.

Dr Kevin Fraser, Bartosz Ziolkowski, Vincenzo Curto and each presented a poster at the congress while Simon Gallagher gave an oral presentation entitled Temperature & pH triggered release characteristics of water/fluorescein from 1-ethyl- 3-methylimidazolium ethylsulfate based ionogels.

Kevin Fraser’s poster was entitled Physical and mechanical properties of Phosphonium based poly(ionic liquids). Bartosz Ziolkowski’s was entitledPhoto-responsive hydrogel based on phosphonium poly-ionic liquid. The poster Ionic Liquids in biosensors: influence of hydrated choline based ILs on the bio-functionality of Lactate Oxidase was presented by Vincenzo Curto.

The next meeting of COIL will be in South Korea in 2015.


Delegates who attended this year’s COIL congress in Portugal