Implementation of online HSAF in the NCSR – March 2013

The NCSR launched the implementation of the new Online HSAF System on Friday 1st of March 2013. Anyone wishing to order hazardous chemicals into the NCSR will need to fill-out an online version of the HSAF before they can collect the chemical(s) from the NCSR Stores.

Note: In order to avoid any unnecessary delays in receiving chemicals, the new Online HSAF’s should be created before/soon after the chemicals have been ordered.

The entire process, from creating the HSAF to collecting the chemicals, can be summarised as follows:

1. Click on the following link to access the new Online HSAF


2. Complete an Online HSAF for each chemical ordered, paying particular attention to the correct input of your own e-mail adress and your Supervisor’s e-mail address.

3. Once the Online HSAF has been satisfactorily completed, (you will be unable to submit a HSAF unless entries have been made in all of the required fields), the data entered on the form will be placed into the HSAF database and an easy-to-read PDF document will then be generated.

4. The pdf-version of the completed HSAF will then be (automatically) e-mailed to the “Supervisor” that you have identified on the online form.

5. The Supervisor should then review the pdf-version of the completed HSAF. If the Supervisor approves the use of the chemical, then they simply need to reply to the e-mail which has alerted them to the new HSAF. If the Supervisor does not approve the use of the chemical, then they must contact the researcher directly and ask them to re-submit the HSAF (incorporating whatever changes/ additional information they have requested).

6. The Supervisor’s e-mail reply marks the HSAF entry in the database as “Approved” and the person who created the HSAF will then receive an e-mail advising them that the HSAF has been reviewed and approved. This notification e-mail will also contain a specific HSAF Number which can be used to trace HSAF submissions. At this point, the HSAF system will also publish an updated webpage which lists all of the approved HSAF’s.

7. Before releasing any chemicals from the NCSR Stores, the Stores attendant (Josephine Ozoani), will be able to check if a HSAF has been submitted and approved for that chemical and person.

Note: Once created and approved, an online HSAF will hold for 12 months, after which time a new form will need to be created – even if the same chemical has been ordered on a regular basis over the last 12 months.

The NCSR would like to extend our sincere thanks to John McLoughlin, School of Chemical Sciences, for all of his time and effort in getting this new Online HSAF system up and running.


Online HSAF Flow Chart