February Seminars 2013

Dr. Róisín Owens presented a seminar entitled Organic Electronics: a New Tool for Unlocking Biology in the NCSR on 27th February. Dr. Owen’s is an Associate Professor at the Department of Bioelectronics at the Centre Microélectronique de Provence.

During her seminar, Dr. Owens described how her group uses organic electronics as a technology to answer previously unmet questions in biology, in particular in biodiagnostics.

They focus on the unique properties of organic electronic materials to allow easy fabrication, and flexibility in design as well as chemical tunability, to develop diagnostic tools that are low cost and disposable.

Dr. Owens’ visit coincided with the start of a collaboration between her research group and the Marine and Environmental Sensing Technology Hub (MESTECH) as part of a Ulysses grant.

Congratulations to Deirdre Cogan, who won second place in the poster competition at the Water, Wastwater and Environmental Monitoring conference in Telford in November 2012.

The poster competition was hosted by the Sensors for Water Interest Group (SWIG).

Deirdre is a member of Prof. Dermot Diamond’s research group.


Dr. Roisin Owens from the Centre Microelectronique de Provence