Best Poster Award – Biotechnology Research Day 2013

Congratulations to Colm Cooke of the ISSC who won Best poster Award at the recent Biotechnology Research Day.

Colm presented an overview of his work on the characterisation of microbes that have been identified as exceptionally good at iron uptake through the production of structures known as siderophores. The biological mechanisms by which microorganisms produce siderophores are not yet fully understood but it is thought that this may also provide a useful approach for the delivery of antibiotics.

Colm’s research includes the identification and investigation of targets that may represent a new class of biosynthesis proteins.

Further photos from the research day can be viewed at https://sites. site/biologicalresearchsociety/research-day-2013.


Colm receiving his award from Dr. Ciaran Fagan, Head of the School of Biotechnology